Lone Star Quad Racing's Mission is to preserving our sport for future generations and provide fun, fair, competitive racing for the whole family.  
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        Preserving our sport for Future generations.

                         Passion, Competition, Respect, Sportsmanship, Success.

                                                       To provide fun, fair, competitive racing for the whole family.
          Lone Star Quad Racing was established in 2011 by a family who is completely absorbed in the Quad Racing industry, with the mission of preserving our sport for future generations.  The owners, Dee & Michele Manshack, brought Quad Racing to South Texas in 2002 and ran a successful racing organization for 4 years.  In addition, they manage Splendora Motocross Park.  They took a break for a few years from local racing to focus on their business, Rage ATV, and on the national racing series.  With the Manshacks and Rage ATV firmly established on the national level, they are ready to return to the local racing scene.  Their experience will enable them to introduce fresh ideas to encourage the growth of the sport as well as to share knowledge they have gained from around the country.

One of the primary focuses of LSQR is new riders.  It is disappointing that we are seeing fewer tracks allow Quad Racing. With the number of Quad Racers drastically decreasing over the last few years, it has become unprofitable for tracks to allow Quads.  Quads move a tremendous amount of dirt in a short period of time which leads to increased costs for the track owner.  What this means to you is that racing on a track designed for dirk bikes is a privilege.

All we ask from our riders is to participate in every event possible and to respect the track and the people making it possible for you.  Above all, be safe and have fun!
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Phone: (281) 593-2481
Email: rageatv@sbcglobal.net
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